5 Determinants Of A Company’s Reputation

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If you are going to spend time and effort and money on promoting your business online and offline then yes you need a coherent brand that people can associate with. Your brand has to be visible on the different platforms of course but once you do put your company’s head above the parapet you’d be better placed have a good solid reputation already or have a strategy in place for getting one.

Every business says they are the best and that their products and services are the best, but today’s marketing environment opens you reputation up to severely critical analysis by the “crowd”.   You can expect some flames online and it is unreasonable to expect a business to be 100% error free but here are 5 essentials that if you follow them will mean that when your reputation is under scrutiny, you can stand proud and the crowd will always see you for what you truly are.

1) Do you have great products and services. You must be honest on this question. If you don’t then don’t go any further until you have addressed that. A strong branding strategy where the products just don’t reflect what you are saying will at the very least lead to ridicule.
2) Are you actually profitable over the long term? Successful money making businesses attract buyers as they trust you are doing something right.
3) Does your management team have a visible face and does it display a visionary philosophy.
4) Does your business have dedicated employees, suppliers and other partners. Their motivation will shine through your business.
5) Doe your business exhibit social responsibility?

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