Rise Of The Clean Slate Brands

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A fascinating seismic shift is underway in the relationship between consumers and the businesses that they buy from.  No longer can the giant corporations with the instantly recognised branding rest on their laurels.  The brands that these companies have built over the years has been done brilliantly well using the only methods available until just a few years ago.  TV advertising, news paper adverts, cosy relationships with the big supermarkets etc etc have made our house hold names billions.  But things are changing.

Take one look on TV nowadays and big brands are scrambling to play the consumer engagement game but the problem is that consumers now decide by the laws of the crowd who they like and trust, and trust that used to take an age to build but as the big companies have found can be lost in a moment, is now being won by fresh new businesses.

These new start up businesses with their zero legacy and zero baggage branding strategy and no record of screwing the little guy can with effective use of new marketing and branding techniques gain excellent market share in months not decades.  Watch out for these zesty new businesses with branding designed to tap into the new social and mobile channels that the modern consumer now uses.

The phrase “Clean Slate Brands” says it all.  This is an excellent and insightful article to read more on this


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