Branding Your Business in the Digital Age

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Whenever we discuss branding, marketing and other kind of important features or lack off in a business, we often find that it comes back to a very simple but effective instinct. If your approach to the above is a pretty disjointed bunch of tactics then you could be loosing out. Whereas if your approach is a strategy then you are in a much better place. Tactics tend to work in isolation with little relationship to a big picture for your business. A strategy is a plan, a vision, a system, a blanket that covers all you do and no matter from what angle you view your business; online, offline or whatever, one only needs to point back to the strategy to see where you are.

With everything that happens nowadays with the web, mobile, social media, branding, customer awareness etc etc, the gap between what a big business does and what a small business needs to do is narrowing.

We love Avinash Kaushik and this article is very useful for a business that is trying to formulate a strategy online . A lot of what is said I believe can apply to all parts of your business including branding and customer relationship management with events.

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