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Things sure do move quickly in business and these days a small startup company with a contemporary idea and decent funding can scare the pants of well established businesses by simply jumping straight into the market place,  getting massive publicity and stealing the big boys lunch.

Even companies the size of Facebook live in eternal fear of being outflanked by a more hip and agile enterprise.  Just a faint whiff of competition from a new startup called Pinterest caused Facebook to blow $1bn on buying a relatively new business called Instagram to counter the threat.

Getting rapid publicity for any new project today is achievable with the internet, mobile and social media channels. It is not necessarily an easy task to achieve but the means are there to exploit.
It is however very interesting how things have changed in just the past couple of years. The internet and all that cool dot com froth that caused the web to become the most revolutionary mechanism the marketing world had ever seen, lead many to believe that the old standards of marketing,  such as visually promoting your brand were dead.  Having a website and getting your customers to buy your stuff online seemed to remove the need to do all that old fashioned newspaper adverts, and glossy brochures for your coffee tables.  Brand advertising was something that the big boys did and many of the smaller companies tried and failed.   The web offered a way for small businesses to get their message our via other means.

Fast forward to today and the web plus its powerful offspring the mobile web is bringing a new challenge to businesses.  With all the different channels available to a marketing campaign such as social media, mobile SMS, search engine traffic, PPC, video marketing and so on, the fact that potential customers may interact with your business via a number of these different channels, brings us back full circle.   Getting your business branding solid and consistent is now highly important again and getting that branding consistent across different technologies and presentation media is a challenge.   If a potential buyer sees your facebook page and then wonders over to your mobile website and the branding is even slightly different then the confidence goes and so does the sale.

Take all this even further and your offline marketing also needs to embrace your brand and offer a way to connect back online. QR codes are a good example where a branded leaflet or a flyer has a code that can be scanned by a smart phone and bring the prospect to your site.  Then product customisation like clothing and umbrellas if exhibiting a vibrant branding when your company is attending events is a powerful way to raise awareness.   A recent customer of Spectrum Golf is Glopho.  Definitely a business that is tuned into the online world but that sees the importance of global branding and customer contact offline as well as on.  The Olympics offered a great way for them to reach out to potential users of their photo journalism site and we helped out by providing personalised umbrellas with their very vibrant logo splashed over them for all to see.

So as each and every business is needing to take stock of how they pursue all these new marketing channels including reaching out to prospects offline, it is essential that the branding and customer experience across these channels is consistent.  Strategy and integration are the keywords for today’s businesses.  Strategy so that you know what you are doing and where you are going, and integration as you exploit the opportunities to get customers from these channels into your sales funnel. Tying all this together is a power business branding campaign. You can talk to Spectrum Golf about using products to promote you brand offline and online.

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