Corporate Branding | 10 Year Old Advice Still Holds True

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I came across an article about corporate branding and saw it was almost 10 years old.  In today’s world where news becomes old the next day we can become resistant to older knowledge.  However when it comes to best business practices and building relationships with your customers and audience it is arguable that very little changes fundamentally, really we just get different channels to connect out on.

A brand is not just a logo on an umbrella or golf ball.  The brand is a simple communication touch point between your business and your audience, like ink blots in a psychology test the immediate response is the one we are all interested in.  So if your brand and its associated messages says you are trustworthy but that is not what the ink blot says to the viewer then you have work to do.

If you are the listening bank but your customers believe you don’t listen then you have problems.  If your brand is cool with the kids because it is “underground” and doesn’t do what the big bad corporations do then great, but god help you if you are caught out not following that philosophy or even more likely that another “cooler” brand appears next Thursday and you are last weeks news.

Building a brand is not an after thought and it is not a sound bite.  From the point where the creator of the customer starts on the journey and defines the architecture of the business and how it operates as a machine that one days will not need him to be there, that is where the brand starts its life and the honesty of what the brand says will be easier to back up with actions from then on.

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