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Like many businesses, Spectrum Golf understands the you have to move with the times. But what does that mean exactly? Well we have recently published a new version of our website including a mobile version that will begin to cater separately for our different types of customer, the corporate buyer, the golf society and the individual buyer that is looking for simple gifts.

The needs of these different buyers can be very different but what is most interesting of all is how we can more accurately target our help to our customers so they can benefit from our vast experience? In other words why buy from us and not one of the other custom golf gift shops online?

We believe the answer is to not just be a website shop but to become a useful resource that provides useful content that can be shared by others that will also help promote our brand.

Our blog or news site has also had a revamp to become more like a newspaper style website. We are going to push a variety of stories on there but offer targeted content that we believe helps our corporate, society and individual buyers as well as general golf news with our own spin.

This post is really just a test post of us to show off some of the new systems we have in place to build cool and interesting new content going forward. I must admit I didn’t know much about Carlota Ciganda until her name appeared on a twitter feed Spectrum follows.

Solgolf Vacations
Well played Carlota!


Fri, Oct 26 2012 16:02:52


Then we saw a facebooker that obviously has a connection to her.

So who is this young lady ? We can meet her on Youtube.

So there is just a little example of how it is now possible to see a breaking story, find some more details and then have a look at the background to it and create your own news piece on it for your own audience.
This piece I’m writing now has taken just a few minutes to do but the research is all there at my finger tips with our new system.
We don’t intend publishing lots of Golf tournament news as this is probably better done elsewhere but we certainly would like to start building great stories on how golf is a part of corporate, golf society and individual people’s lives.

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