Your Business Focus and Nailing Your Brand

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Mark Zuckerberg speaks at Startup School

Entrepreneurs have to play many roles but arguably the most important one, at least in the early days, is one of a branding expert.  To get the brand correct from the outset makes a lot of the other issues less important.  For a startup or small business it is easy to get fixated in all the machinery of your business but one thing for sure, your customers don’t care.

All they do in life is see and perceive.  You brand comes into view and the have a perception of what you are, they don’t take into account how complicated your venture needs to be or how hard you are working on your social media marketing.

This article from hits the nail on the head about this.

1) startups should take a big-brand approach to marketing.  Just like IBM.  But your brand should be like a prism through which all your different pieces of added value can be seen.

2) Your message needs to connect emotionally but also logically/rationally.

3) You need to be believable and hyperbole is a thing of the past

4) Know your customer base from the outset, don’t make your product and then try and find them.

photo by: Robert Scoble

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